Dress Rentals

Deposit Fee
There’s a 50% deposit fee and the balance is due upon pick up of dress.

Cancellation policy for all Rentals
Orders cancelled 14 days or less of the event will be subject to forfeiture of all payments /deposits. All rental orders cancelled more than 14 days of the event will be charged a $65.00 cancellation fee.

Limitation & Liability
We required for customer to endure accuracy fitting before garment is pick up.

Late return fee 
All rental orders must be returned within 3 days after the reserve event date. A late fee of $25.00 per day will be apply if not return within 3 days after the event take place. If dress is not returned after 5 business days of the event, the card on file will be charge full prices of dress.

Damage and replacement cost
All gowns must return just as it was received: placed on hanger inside the provided garment bag.

Altering, using hem tape, adding, removing any part of the gowns is prohibited. Garments must not be immersed in ocean or chlorine water or dye. Upon return, an inspection is required and if there are any rental items that have been abused as stated above especially damage behind repair, Items not remain clean, and/or missing pieces. The credit card submitted with rental order will be charge for any replacement, damages and/or cleaning due upon return inspection.

All garments rental are in store only- Please call us during business hours to setup your fitting appointment at ( 678) 907-5047 or email us with your request at customerservice@bellethings.com